UL Power

Ultra Light Vliegtuigmotoren is hun passie... en natuurlijk ZW3D

A Momentous Decision – Let’s Build Our Own Engine

“We needed more power, so we talked to an engine specialist,” Pescod says. “We found there were basically two routes to the power we needed. We could buy an existing engine, strip it, refit it and rebuild it, or, we could build our own engine from scratch. Ultimately, we decided to design and build our own engine because we could control all the variables.”

With that decision made, Pescod began looking for a suitable CAD package to be used in designing the new aircraft engine. After much research he selected ZW3D. He says, “We chose ZW3D software for several reasons. One, we’re a small company with limited resources, so our choice had to be cost-effective. Two, ZW3D doesn’t skimp on performance; it had all the tools we needed, and then some.

From Start to Design in a Month – with ZW3D

Pescod set out to build a flat-four, fuel-injected aircraft engine. The flat four is a proven configuration and fuel injection would deliver a lot of advantages over a carbureted engine: lower maintenance, plug-and-play computer-control performance, better fuel economy, immunity to pilot adjustment, elimination of carburetor icing, and better aerobatic performance.

“I designed the entire engine in complete detail before we cut a single piece of metal for the prototype, and it took just under a month with ZW3D.” Pescod says. “I created my own library of nuts and bolts so that when I specified that a certain bolt goes in a particular location, I knew that it would fit exactly.”