Cruzin Machines

Specials is normaal voor Cruzin' Machines! Met de hulp van ZW3D!

Suppose you are a motorcycle enthusiast and you want forward controls that look like a pirate’s cutlass because your bike has a buccaneer theme . . . or maybe you are a custom car buff and want just the right accessory to go with your show rod . . . where would you go?

Go to Cruzin’ Machine. Owner, Tim Kruse, runs a small custom design and fabrication firm that specializes in building “artform theme images,” of totally unique parts and accessories.

When a customer comes to Kruse with a request – “I’d like an air cleaner cover that looks like a dragon” – Kruse responds with astonishing speed. Sometimes he can produce the desired custom part in less than a day. Even better, Kruse manages to keep the cost of his creations “very reasonable,” considering that they are one-off custom parts.

Kruse’s Secret Weapon – ZW3D
“ZW3D is truly my secret weapon,” Kruse says. “When a customer walks in with a photo or a sketch, ZW3D allows me to do what a lot of CAD programs can’t do.”

Kruse’s artistic judgment plays a significant role in the process. He works his magic, adjusting the image, adding lines and contours so that function and form balance, becoming elements in the overall design. The result is a part that not only looks beautiful but works well. Kruse uses ZW3D integrated machining to create his parts, so that by carving different levels of contours, he creates a relief image in the metal that has a great deal more depth than a simple metal silhouette.