Hun slogan: "Supplying Success" - ZW3D helpt daarbij!

Een grotere klant van 4C met meer dan 10 systemen ZW3D die succesvol worden ingezet voor engineering en productie.

Hieronder een Successtory in het Engels over deze firma.

Romit Creates Profitable Niche

Romit had been trying to expand into the impeller market but it was a struggle; their old system simply couldn't handle the complexity.

"We were amazed at how the tools in ZW3D worked,"explains Ramix-Romit director, Auke Sjoerd Tolsma.

Romit often gets no more than a table of coordinates in radials for the complex 3D form of an impeller. They’ll use a spreadsheet to calculate the coordinates and import them into ZW3D where the powerful wireframe and surface modeling tools take over. “It takes us more time to import and convert the data in our spreadsheet than it does to model an impeller,” Tolsma says.

Machining the impellers is done with ZW3D using up to 5 axis milling. “After the introduction of ZW3D, we have increased our machining hourly rate by more than 20%,” he says.

Bekijk het 5-assig frezen bij Ramix door hier te klikken.